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Rental at SAP

2 minutes from Shin Okubo station, up to 80 people. Reserve your space for a party, seminar or events!

  • Large-screen projector/whiteboard
  • Space with stage
  • Free garbage disposal
  • Free Wi-Fi | Tables | Seats
  • Darts and board games (Partially charged)
Rental at SAP

Pricing (including tax)

Please refer to the table below:

Between December 22 to January 12 the fee will be as follows

  • ¥8,000/h→¥10,500/h
  • ¥10,000/h→¥13,000/h
  • ¥13,000/h→¥19,500/h

Room rental (9am-5pm) ¥8,000/h ¥8,000/h ¥8,000/h ¥8,000/h ¥8,000/h ¥10,000/h ¥10,000/h
Room rental (5pm-10pm) ¥10,000/h ¥10,000/h ¥10,000/h - ¥13,000/h ¥15,000/h ¥15,000/h

The following equipment is available:

  1. Microphones (up to 6): ¥5,000 incl. tax
  2. Projector: ¥5,000 incl. tax
  3. Set of (1) and (2): ¥8,000 incl. tax

Use of chairs and desks is free of charge.

Optional items
Name Extra fee
All you can drink (2h) and Buffet plan +¥4500
All you can drink (1.5h) and light food +¥3900
Buffet only (2h) +¥2900

You can also bring your own food and drink.

After use, customers are responsible for restoring the premises to their current state (cleaning, putting back chairs, etc.).

Payment method

Various payment methods are supported. All payments must be made at least 7 days prior to the reservation date.

  • Credit Card
  • ATM/Internet-banking
  • Bank Transfer
  • In-store payment (cash, at least 7 days prior to reservation)
Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation, the following charges will apply

  • 15 days before reservation: 0%
  • 14 to 8 days before reservation: 50%
  • 7 days to the day of reservation: 100%
Prohibited items and precautions
  • Cigarette smoking odor, strong odor, loud noise
  • We request that you clean space after use.
  • Please be punctual.
  • If you move items (chairs, tables, etc.) on the venue, please make sure to return them to their original positions before leaving the room.
  • Smoking is completely prohibited in the room.
  • Please do not touch the food, beverages, or shelves in the facility.
  • Please make sure to close the door of the entrance and exit. (The door is a double door).
About trash
  • Please separate garbage. Please make sure to check the instructions on how to separate trash.
  • Please use two 45-liter bags for trash. Please let us know in advance if you need more than two 45-liter bags. Additional charges may apply.
  • Please ask our staff if you would like to use the kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, ice machine).
Rental at SAP


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Rental at SAP

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